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You have been looking all over the place and you have finally found it - is your premier source for finding auditions in Canada for singers, dancers, and actors or whatever your talent may be.

While in a Canadian acting audition or other kind of casting audition don’t let the butterflies in your stomach torment you too much. Most actors and actresses experience stage fright minutes, hours, even weeks before auditioning. Whereas a certain amount of nervousness can get the audition going smooth, too much anxiety over lines might hinder an actor’s performance. Actors forget lines now and then. It happens. But most time when it happens, the audience or casting director really can’t notice it. Do not draw attention and proceed with your scene.

Forgetting a line is only disastrous if the performer breaks character. If you forget a line in the middle of your audition, don’t freeze the scene. Don’t get flustered. Don’t look out to the audience. Don’t call out, “I forget the line!” Stay in your character. The show must go on.

Keep the scene going to the best of your ability, and with the help of your fellow cast members you will get back on track again. Take it easy and accept the fact that if you forget a line once, you will probably never forget that line ever again! Sometimes embarrassment is the strongest and toughest method of memorization. You are not alone. Many big names before you had to improvise and save a scene. The trick of the trade is to not get caught and keep your performance believable.

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