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You could go from obscure nobody to Hollywood sensation practically overnight by participating in open auditions and just believing that it is possible. Sure, it's a room full of people all hoping that they are going to be chosen, more and more arriving every minute, but that is the nature of open auditions. You leave them your information and you say thank you very much when you leave. If they hated you, who cares? But if they love you?

You may never have been on any open auditions, but don't let this discourage you. You will never get anywhere if you allow your fear of the unknown to rule you. The people who make it in this, or any industry, are the ones who believe in themselves and are willing to take chances. That's what open auditions are all about. Sure, you could go home feeling stupid after they offer you the part of the cockroach on the wall, but you could also go home with a lead role.

People want open auditions sometimes because of the confidence they can help build, and the fact that there is so much potential to get roles that you never thought you would have a chance for. The more you go on the higher the chances are that you will get something good. Of course, it is not guaranteed that if you go out on open auditions you will get a role at all, but it is always worth taking the chance.

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